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Mindtopia is the brainchild of successful Entrepreneurs and Mind Specialists that dominate their field and possess tremendous knowledge. We put together this initiative for one simple reason: your mind is the ‘Command and Control Center’ of your entire existence. It defines your very being. A journey that will liberate and empower you in more ways than one; opening up pathways and locked portals you never knew existed. Embracing the highest most conscious version of yourself is our ultimate goal.

We welcome you to take this journey with us!

Get To Know Us A Little Better

Artur Piperkov



Former professional German soccer player with vast experience as a mentor, soccer and life coach. Artur’s exposure to the highest levels of mind training in professional sports has given him first hand experience on the potential of peak performance in a competitive and stressful environment of being a professional athlete.

Patrick Thoms


Managing Partner

Esteemed psychotherapist and hypnotherapist in Bremen, Germany and currently holds a position as a Managing Director of the Institute for Hypnosis Therapy. As a student of the mind for over 25 years, he has built an extensive knowledge base and experience with teaching, treating, analyzing and designing programs in all aspects of the sub-conscious mind. His experience includes working with professional athletes, business executives and established organizations.

Mohammed Bhutta


managing partner

Established entrepreneur with a Master’s from Columbia University in Construction Administration and a Bachelor’s in Engineering Management from New York Institute of Technology, Mohammed has established several successful companies where he emphasizes the importance of mindset in all aspects of business and personal life.

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