Frequently Asked Questions

Mindtopia brings together international experts in psychology, competitive sports and audio recording to design and manufacture the most effective subliminals in the world. Our goal is to help everyone imporove their lives.

Subliminals are not consciously perceptible, i.e. subliminal messages for your subconscious mind. These are short sentences that describe a desired state, e.g. health, wealth, ideal weight, etc..

95% of your behaviour, i.e your decisions and actions, take place subconsciously. They are habits. How many thins a day do you do without consciously thingking about them? Driving, making phone calls, putting on clothes, tying shoes, etc.. Also your body language, gestures, facial espressions are consciously not under control. Your subconscious mind controls all this automatically, like a computer.
The ingenious thing about subliminals is that you can reprogram your subconscious with them.
How about programming your subconscious to self-confidence, optimism and success? All your decisions and actions, all your body language would be focuse on that and you would get exactly the results you want.

Habits are created by repetition. So you should listen to your subliminals as often as possible. You should make sure that you are using a player that supports stereo playback.
Since the subliminal messages are directed to your subconscious, it is not necessary for you to hear them consciously. The subliminals are recorded at the acoustic perception threshold so that you could theoretically hear their content at high volume. However, this is not the sense and purpose and even counterproductive for the effect. When listening to background music, the volume should be comfortable for you.
However, your subconscious will still perceive the subliminals if the volume is so low that you consciously hear almost no more sounds. This means that you can also let your subliminals run very quietly on the side, e.g. while watching TV, at work or at night when you sleep.
 We recommend that you listen to our Subliminals with headphones at least twice a day and at most five times a day. This guarantees that the effect amplifying frequencies can also work optimally.
Basically hearing subliminals is not dangerous. Under certain circumstances, however, we recommend that you refrain from hearing or consult a doctor beforehand.
  • When operating heavy machines you should not listen to any subliminals.
  • ​If you are pregnant, please consult your doctor.
  • ​If you have psychological complaints or symptoms with disease value, please consult your doctor.
  • ​If you suffer from a severe mental illess, e.g. schizophrenia; delusoional disorders; severe depression; organic, mental disorders (dementia, delirium); borderline; epilepsy, please consult a doctor.

How fast you notice a change depends on many factors. First and forenost, how often you hear the subliminals. Basically it can be said that with 2 to 5 times hearing per day, a change within 4 to 12 weeks can be observed. This is of course an average value and no guarantee. If you hear your subliminals 24/7, it is likely that the result will be faster.
The effect also depend on the topic. If wealth and prosperity is your goal, it does not have to mean that you are a millionaire within 12 weeks. It may also be that you for example suddenly have a business idea, whick you implement and which makes you rich within the next months or years.

Wenn du schonmal Subliminals genutzt hast, aber keine Wirkungen feststellen kontest, kann das If you have used subliminals before but have not noticed any effects, there can be many reasons.

1. Irregular listening
Subliminals should be heard regularly so that your subconscious can learn and implement the changes. If you want to learn how to play a musical instrument and practice 6 hours per week, you will master it faster than if you practice only 30 minutes per week.

2. Too few Subliminals

If the audio file contains too few subliminal messages, the effect will of course not occur at all or only after a very long time. Mindtopia’s subliminals contain up to 1000 messages per minute.

3. Silent subliminals
With Silent Subliminals, the subliminals messages are recorded in a deliberately inaudible frequency range (. 16000Hz). Our investigations have shown that Silent Subliminals often have a worse effect. This is because you cannot consciously check wether what works (the subliminals) is actually present. This creates doubts that prevent the effect

Mindtopia places great emphasis on all aspects of the development and production process. International experts from psychology, competitive sports and audio recording not only check the quality of the content of the subliminal messages, but also pay attention to high audio quality and thematically perfectly tuned frequencies.
We use highly developed technology from Germany so that we can record up to 1000 subliminal messages per minute.

Our subliminal messages are recorded at the acoustic perception threshold, i.e. if you wanted you could consciously perceive them at very high volume. Thus you always have the proof that there are actually effective subliminals and that we are not cheating you. With the errorprone Silent Subliminals you do not have this possibility of checking.

Frequencies affect the body, especially the brain. Frequencies can therefore be used to change brain waves in such a way that the reception of subliminals is optimised. This increases the effectiveness of the subliminals many times over.
Depending on the state of consciousness, different electrical signals can be measured in the brain. These are called brain waves. In deep sleep, for example, frequencies between 0.4Hz and 3 Hz are measured; in everyday consciousness 12Hz – 38Hz. The frequencies of the brain waves can be clearly determined scientifically and can be clearly assigned to human activities. For example, one can find out at which frequencies optimal learning success can be achieved. By influencing the brain waves, you can “adjust” exactly this frequency in the brain and thus improve the learning process.
There are several ways to modulate our brain waves to make the subliminals work even better.
Binaural Beats
When binaural beats are used, both ears are offered different frequencies, e.g. left 350Hz and right 360Hz. The brain waves then oscillate at the difference, i.e. 10Hz. If binaural beats are deposited, it is necessary to hear the subliminals with headphones, so that the frequencies achieve their effect. Binaural beats must always be recorded in stereo quality. This also creates the effect of brain hemisphere synchronization. This can help with complaints in which the hemispheres are asynchronous, e.g. ADHD.
Isochronous Beats
In isochronous beats, sounds with the desired frequency are fed to the brain every second at extremely short intervals. This causes the brain waves to oscillate at the corresponding frequency When isochronous beats are used, headphones are not necessary.
In order to achieve an optimal effect you should do the following:
  • Listen to your subliminals regularly and as often as possible.
  • ​Use no more than 3 different subliminals at the same time. If you have different areas of life in which you want to change something, first select the two most important ones and listen to the appropriate subliminals.
  • ​It is best to listen to your subliminals twice a day with headphones. In this way you guarantee that the frequencies also work optimally.
The more often you hear your subliminals, the faster they will lead to a result. To increase effectiveness, you can also use our visual subliminals.
Visual subliminals are short video sequences in which the subliminal messages are played back so quickly that you consciously cannot follow them with your eyes. However, your subconscious mind still perceives the provided information and processes it for you. It is the same principle as the acoustic subliminals, but through a different sense channel.
The easiest way is to store visual subliminals on your mobile phone or tablet. Just watch the short video sequences several times a day in addition to your acoustic subliminals. Just relax and look at the top half of the screen. Don’t try to read the subliminals consciously.
Your subliminals are available for download immediately after purchase.
You will receive your subliminals in compressed .mp3 format as well as a higher quality.wav file.