How It Works

Everything always start with a single thought!

Every word, every feeling, every decision and the resulting action is the result of a thought, if you control your thoughts.
You control your actions, your body and your feelings.

Your conscious mind -
critical, slow, subjective

Your conscious mind is a counselor. You associate it with logical,rational thinking. So when you make a decision that you can rationally explain, you have listened to your conscious mind. Its abilities stop where something happens very quickly or where feelings begin. Your conscious mind can’t do anything with them. If you are afraid of a spider, your conscious mind will give you many arguments why this fear is unfounded. But doesn’t change the fact that you are afraid again with the next spider. Feelings are not logical.
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Understanding Subliminals

Are consciously imperceptible messages, i.e. the information offered, lies beyond conscious perception and evaluation. The messages thus flow directly into the subconscious, i.e. into the mental instance that determines your behavior and perception to 95%. The resulting changes in your automatic thinking will lead to a change in your automatic decisions, actions and feelings without you having to consciously intervene.

How fast do the subliminals of Mindtopia work?

How quickly an effect occurs depends largely on how regularly you hear or see the subliminals. Even at school you have probably experienced that some people learn faster than others and accordingly certain thoughts become a habit in some people more quickly than others.
How fast the subliminals work also depends on the topic and its meaning for the user. If you want to establish a completely new “thinking habit” with the subliminals, this will work faster than if you want to change an already existing “bad thinking habit”.
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What should i pay attention to with the special subliminals of Mindtopia?

Our subliminals contain special frequencies that are thematically tuned to the subliminals and increase their effectiveness many times over.
Depending on the type of frequency, these will be particularly effective when you hear your subliminals through headphones.

What To Do


Step 1

Hear the subliminals 2 to 5 times daily with headphones. Additionally you can run the subliminals on the side while watching TV, sleeping or at work. The volume is irrelevant. So if you have your mobile phone with you all day, just let the subliminals run in the background. Your subconscious perceives the subliminals beyond your conscious acoustic threshold of perception, even when sleeping or your cell phone is in your pocket.

Step 2

Try not to consciously perceive the content of the suggestions. Do not consciously listen. Especially when using headphones, adjust the volume, so that you only perceive the subliminals in the background and the music sounds pleasant.

What to keep in mind with the visual subliminals of mindtopia

Perfect Complement To
Acoustic Subliminal

The visual subliminals are a perfect complement to the acoustic subliminals, as an additional sense organ is addressed. The mechanism of action is the same as that of the acoustic subliminals, except that the information is pictorially processed at such a high speed that your eye cannot read it and therefore cannot evaluate it.

Short Video Sequences

The visual subliminals are short video sequences of less than one minute, which you watch several times throughout the day. You can also save them on your mobile phone and watch them whenever you have time, e.g. on the bus, in the subway, during lunch break, during commercial breaks on TV, etc.

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